The Director is the legal representative of the Department, convenes and chairs the meetings of the Board, prepares the agenda and ensures the execution of the related resolutions.

He manages relations with the University governing bodies, exercises the functions of coordination and supervision of all the activities of the Department and the other responsibilities assigned by the law.

He is elected by the Board of the Department among the ordinary professors and associated professors, and holds office for three years. (Article 16, §2-4 of the University Statute).

The current director:

  Gabriella Piccinni

Deputy director:

Roberto Bartalini


Department delegates

Delegate to the Didactic: Roberto Bartalini
Delegate to Internationalization: Carlo Citter
Delegate to the Orientation: Davide Lacagnina
Delegate to the Tutor: Andrea Zagli
Research delegate: Nicola Labanca


Referent for quality in didacticsAnna Guarducci

Referent for research quality: Stefano Moscadelli